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Marnie Boyers of Outta the Blue Interview by Allison Robertson

Outta the Blue is a blues and rock band that formed in Abilene, TX in 2019. The current lineup is Josh Tackett (guitar), Delbert McNeill (bass), Steve Couch (keys, guitar), Jason Solis (drums), and Marnie Boyers (vocals).

Marnie joined the band two and half years ago, but her love of music started in her youth. She grew up in Mesquite, Texas, where her mother had put her in the church choir and paid for her vocal lessons. Her mom has always been her biggest fan and attended all her musical performances. Alongside her mom, other musical influences for Marnie include Patsy Cline, Karen Carpenter, and Nat King Cole.

Her transition to Abilene came when she was laid off from a job after working there for 12 years and sitting in traffic in DFW. She has family here in the Abilene area and knew it was time for a change. She started working at the Abilene Public Library as an administrative assistant and later became a librarian after obtaining a Masters of Library Sciences from Texas Woman's University in 2018.

An introvert by nature, Marnie’s voice was drawn out to the stage by networking within the music community. “I knew I could sing, I just didn’t know where the opportunity was.” The local music community gave her applause and feedback that built up her confidence. She first joined a group, The Remedy of Brownwood, in 2019 as a vocalist and later joined Outta the Blue. Since joining the group, they have performed at the San Angelo Blues Festival twice, which Marnie lists as one of her greatest musical accomplishments because the feedback from the event was invaluable.

Although it is 2023, there are still some double standards that women in music experience. Appearance is still something that females in the business have to worry about more than men. “Men can wear just about anything, but women are expected to put on entire outfits and makeup,” Marnie explains.

There are good things that are going on in the Abilene music scene. There are more venues for performances all across town. However, Marnie points out there are not many in Abilene that are great for full bands. Many venues are for single artists, maybe duos, but not a full band. “I feel like you get tucked in a corner and are just background music.” Luckily, Outta the Blue has booked a couple of shows in the near future at Heff’s and the Ice House, so be prepared for some rockin’ nights ahead.

Upcoming Shows:

May 27th-9pm to 12am-Heff’s in the Mall of Abilene

July 1st-8pm to 11pm-Ice House

Want to find out more about Outta the Blue:

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